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Playland provides superior outdoor shade products for virtually every type of playground and outdoor environment, no matter the size, shape or location. Playground shade is incredibly important for sun protection and weather protection of the children who are playing on the playground, as well as the playground equipment that is part of that playground.

Providing enough shade for playgrounds and other outdoor environments is a matter of safety and protection. Some children are particularly susceptible to the harmful effects of the sun, whether they have a particular skin condition or if they simply have sensitive skin. Furthermore, the possibility of developing skin cancer is a threat that affects children and adults alike, and must be taken into consideration when designing a play area in which people will be spending extended periods of time.

Outdoor shade by way of a shade cover for playgrounds also serves to keep the surface temperature of playground flooring and playground equipment at reasonable levels. If metal and plastic bake in the hot sun all day, they can reach extreme temperatures and burn children’s skin if touched. Shade cover for playgrounds is essential in a majority of settings, ranging from areas with only two or three months of summer to locations that experience a high amount of sun and high temperatures year round.

Providing ample shade for protection from the sun’s harmful rays with a shade structure is paramount when it comes to safety and attractiveness of a play area. Fortunately, Playland has more than 45 years of shade and recreation products experience. At Playland, we have created canopies in some of the world’s most sun-intense locations, including south Florida, Australia, the Caribbean and South Africa, protecting children at play as well as playground and equipment surfaces. We’ve translated this experience into effective outdoor shade structures for playgrounds and play areas in any geographical location facing any potential dangers from sun exposure.

Our colorful fabrics come in a wide variety of colors and provide up to 99 percent protection from dangerous ultraviolet (UV) radiation, as measured by the Ultraviolet Protection Factor (UPF) rating. Our products provide safety and protection for playground equipment and the children that play on that equipment every day.

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