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Site Amenities

Are you in the process of completing an outdoor space? Look no further than Playland for colorful, durable site amenities. From park benches to grills to picnic tables to trash cans, we have all of the items you need to create a beautiful, comfortable and functional park space. We have color combinations and designs that can match virtually any playground aesthetic.

Park benches

Parents, couples and children alike appreciate playground benches and gliders. They may not be as thrilling as playground equipment or high-end grills, but they make a park a more enjoyable place. When considering bench placement, areas with playground equipment are a top priority. Make sure to select locations that get substantial shade to keep patrons cool during the hot summer months.

Picnic tables

If park visitors regularly eat on the premises, picnic tables with trash cans in close proximity are must-have items. Tables are available in different sizes, materials and colors. Think about the clientele you are serving. A private preschool yard will need considerably smaller tables than a public park with multiple eating and grilling areas.


While grills are not a requirement for a park, they can make large social gatherings much more accessible — as transporting grills is time consuming and messy. Make sure to select highly durable grills that can withstand years of heavy use. An HD galvanized steel grill is a popular option these days. They are available in both single and double models. Covered grills also are an excellent choice, as they greatly increase the options for grilling.

Bike racks

Do you have a large number of bikers that frequent your park? In order to promote and accommodate this practice, you must give people the tools they need to store bikes conveniently and safely. Bike racks come in multiple sizes and colors. Choose a heavy-duty steel bike rack or a loop bike rack surface mount with a colorful, durable outer layer.

Trash receptacles

Instead of thinking about trash cans as an ugly necessity for a playground, look for options that blend in seamlessly with the current environment. For example, if you have an earth-toned playground with lots of wood play pieces, a classic receptacle with wood paneling may be a great option. Alternatively, if your playground features lots of bright colors, consider coated punched steel receptacles that come in a variety of colors.

Recycled options

We know that incorporating recycled components into a playground is a high priority for many schools and park districts. At Playland, we do our best to offer as many recycled site amenities as we possibly can. If you are curious about the percentage of recycled material in any of our site amenities offerings, don't hesitate to ask. We are always more than happy to supply this information.

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