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A safe playground is one that parents don’t worry about sending their children to, and a playground that that is ideal for schools, parks and recreational centers, among other locations. One key to safety is ensuring that the footing is sure for those children who are enjoying play on your playground. Surfaces that are safe for play are surfaces that maintain good condition through wear and tear, sun exposure, driving rain and other adverse weather conditions.

One of the best, most durable surface options for playgrounds is playground turf, or artificial grass. Playground turf from Playland provides consistent, weatherproofed footing that wicks away water so you don’t wind up with a muddy surface underfoot. Sure footing limits twisted ankles, twisted knees, slips and falls and the injuries associated with them.

What’s more, artificial grass can be an attractive and aesthetically pleasing option for a playground surface. Playland provides turf solutions that span from traditional green grass that is always perfectly manicured, to creative and colorful selections that coincide with the overall aesthetic theme of the playground. With Playland, the options are unlimited. Turf offers a safer alternative than concrete or gravel, and is easier to design for than painting on blacktop.

With playground turf, you not only get the best-looking artificial grass that is easily maintained, you also get safety and longevity. Standing up against the elements, such as wind, rain, sunlight, and the constant abuse under shoes is key to extended safety, and playground turf stacks up favorably against all of these. As a result, the appeal behind the look and feel of turf, as well as the safety features that make turf a great surface option, last for a long time.

When your ultimate goal is durability and safe footing for playgrounds, Playland offers turf products that can meet every need. Artificial grass won't dry out in the sun or leave you with a dusty or dangerous path around popular play equipment. In fact, in many ways, artificial turf can be considered a “green” product, requiring no water and very little maintenance. Enhance the appeal and long-lasting value of a play or recreation area for your school, park, resort, pool, or any application you can imagine today with turf from Playland.

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