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Metal Playground Equipment

Choosing the right material is an important consideration when designing and building a new playground. When it comes to deciding between materials for playground equipment, the beauty of metal is that it’s solid, durable, and resilient — the kind of structure you can count on. Parents and caregivers feel comfortable letting children play on this kind of metal playground structure because of how well it stands up to the elements and outlasts other materials. It is sturdy and has stood the test of time.

Typically built with a galvanized steel or pure aluminum, metal playground equipment is a wise choice for organizations with child safety in mind. Playground metal equipment is built to last. It can withstand the weight of older children, and the appropriate number of younger children. You also don’t have to worry about cuts getting infected, as metal playground equipment is treated to prevent rusting. Metal playground equipment also offers the ability to be painted in a wide range of colors for aesthetic appeal, as well.

That’s why, at Playland, we offer a variety of metal playground equipment, from roofs to rings to seesaws, built to give children a safe and sturdy place to play. Metal equipment stands up against all forces of nature, too, like wind and rain. Playgrounds with metal playground equipment have a long lifespan, as playground metal outlasts many other playground materials. Furthermore, metal is non-splintering, so play won’t be cut short due to a splinter emergency.

At Playland, we offer a wide range of metal playground equipment, including the following:

• Arched metal playground roofs

• 270° circle rings with metal hoops

• Metal climbers in powder-coated finishes

• Heavy-duty metal riders

• 4-seat see-saws

• A variety of lines of metal tables and benches

Whether the playground is placed in a school, neighborhood park, community center, apartment complex or faith-based organization, metal playground equipment is made to last for generations. It easily stands firm for 50 years or more, providing decades of childhood fun.

What’s more, metal equipment is unlikely to degrade and will stand up against the elements, making it a safe choice for childhood play areas. At Playland, we provide metal playground equipment and components for safe, durable and fun playgrounds. To learn more about installing our superior metal playground equipment near your organization or home, contact us today! Our representatives will be happy to help you find the perfect equipment and structure for your needs.