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School Playground Equipment

What kid doesn’t love recess? In fact, for most children, recess is the best part of the school day. Fresh air, playing with friends, swinging and reaching across monkey bars — these are the things kids grow up remembering. Playing on the playground is a vital part of being a kid, from blowing off steam and making friends to developing physically and cognitively.

Playland understands the value of these childhood experiences, not just for recreation but also for building a child’s physical strength, coordination skills, muscle strength, social skills and more. Playing on the playground helps kids develop imagination, creativity, problem-solving skills, sense of self and a sense of connection. That’s why we specialize in high-quality playground equipment for schools. Our equipment is conducive for developmental and educational opportunities, fun and safety — a combination that makes for ideal school playground equipment.

When it comes to safety on the playground, our school playground equipment plays a pivotal role in preventing injuries. On top of our traditional playground equipment and stations, our shade and shelter structures and artificial turf provide protection from the elements for both the children playing on the playground as well as a surface on which children won’t slip and fall. At Playland, we focus on providing the appropriate surfaces, heights, guardrails, barriers and age-appropriate activities to ensure that children get the most fun while remaining as safe as possible while playing.

What’s more, our school playground equipment lasts longer than any other in the industry and comes with the extended warranty to prove it. We design our playgrounds to be safe and entertaining, while also encouraging creative and imaginative play. Fully customizable, Playland school playground equipment can be built to your size specifications, color choices and desired accessories.

Here’s what you can expect from Playland school playground equipment:

• Equipment engineered to be fun for kids

• ISO Certification

• IPEMA Certification

• Adherence to ASTM

• Commitment to sustainability

• Extended warranties

• Several product lines and options

• High-quality materials, from superior hardware to resilient flooring

Utilizing our up-to-date knowledge and expertise, Playland has been creating playground equipment for schools since 1983, giving kids everything they need for a fun, safe and rewarding outdoor experience. Our product line includes a wide range of playground equipment and accessories, all of which are designed to engage children in active play. Contact us today to see how our school playground equipment can benefit your educational institution! Our representatives will be happy to explain options and answer any questions.