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Customize Your Playground With The Right Components From Playland

The best thing about creating a playground is choosing the components that will let children have the most fun. You don't want to copy the same design other playgrounds and schools offer, as this doesn't promote creativity or spur the child's imagination. You want something unique so the child can jump, run, swing, crawl and play all day long.

Playland offers all the components you need to customize the playground to create a one-of-a-kind experience for children. Can you visualize the playground components you want for the layout, yet can't find it offered by any manufacturer? If you design it, we can provide it for you. We also have a complete list of components to select from in our portfolio so you can customize existing playground layouts.

Playland's Components For Indoor And Outdoor Playgrounds

The components you select should be based on the size of the recreational space and the general age of the children who will be playing on the playground. You want slides, climbing ladders, tunnels and stairs to fit small hands to grip and climb on. Types of components we provide include:

• Decks

• Roofs

• Climbers and ladders

• Stairs and ramps

• Bridges

• Tunnels

• Slides

• Panels

• Timbers and ramps

• Accessories

Select The Perfect Component Playgrounds Your Facilities Need

Children want a variety of things to do on their playground. If you've noticed that playgrounds at parks, schools and other recreational facilities don't have certain activities children can engage with to stimulate learning, it’s a great opportunity to incorporate those missing elements into your playground structure. The number of different configurations is endless and only limited to your imagination.

So begin building your playground from the ground up and you will find out just how fun it is to build one — and the kids will have even more fun playing on it. If you get stumped about what components to add, contact a Playland representative in your area. We are here to help design the playground in addition to providing the components to build one.

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