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Slide Into Fun With Playground Slides From Playland

The playground slide has always been that one piece of equipment at the school or park that everyone wants to play on. Long lines form as children wait patiently to climb up the stairs and go whooshing down to then race back into line. Today, slides have evolved to have unique, creative configurations such as curves, tubes and zigzags, to increase the fun on the playground.

If you want to give children more entertaining play components at your playground or outdoor recreational space, or need to upgrade your old worn-out equipment, check out the playground slides from Playland. A playground slide is the perfect addition as a standalone piece of equipment for independent play or as a component to larger playground courses. These slides can fit into both small and large outdoor spaces and are the perfect addition to playground equipment at schools, daycare centers and parks.

Types of Outdoor Slides From Playland

Playland offers a wide range of different slides that will have the kids screaming and laughing with joy for the entire day. Customize your slide so its offers the ultimate fun factor for kids of all ages. Our slides can be incorporated with other playground equipment series we offer, such as Adventure, Expedition and Recycled playground systems, as the slide component is easy to install into various configurations. Types of slides to choose from at Playland:

• Traditional chute slide

• Curved chute slide

• Wave slide

• Straight tube slide

• Zig-zag tube slide

• Double wall slide

• 90 degree tube slide

• 360 degree tube slide

• 360 degree spiral slide

• Double wide slide

• Triple rail slide

• Triple chute slide

• Alpine Thunder slide

All molded slides are made with double wall construction with the tube slides available in 36" grid or 48" grid diameters. The playground slides are available in standard colors, and we also carry metal slides that can withstand the roughest of play from children to last many years. Select from four different configurations so the slide will fit perfectly into your outdoor space and your budget. We have small slides to accommodate smaller groups of children as well as larger slides allowing three children to slide down at once.

Go On a Sliding Adventure With Playland

Contact Playland today as our expert representatives can give you more information about the slide models we carry and how you can incorporate them into your playground.

Send us a message or call us at (800) 356-4727